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Distribution and Channel

Our partners within distribution along with our vendor partners have been working with our team for more than a long time.  Our great work practices compliment one another and we’re very happy to be working with them all.

They all excel at what they do and we do great when we work together.

Thanks to them we can best serve you.


Authorized Distribution Partnerships

Authorized Vendor Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Global Reach

Marketing Agency Partnership

With our marketing agency we establish a seamless bond between technology vision, rollout and content development/distribution.  All teams interface and execute with fluidity unobtainable from two separate, near equal providers of tech and martech.

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Quality Engineering &

Our extended team have worked at the manufacturers we have authorized partnership agreements with.  We’ve been the technical and sales leads solving problems for Fortune 500 retailers, pharmaceuticals  and logistics providers. 

It’s why we chose them as partners and how we know this tech so well.  Plus, we’re really cool with a lot of the folks who work there now and have been working there.  #backsctratch




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