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ACTIVATE focuses exclusively on the Cannabis Industry.  Our team derives from Fortune 500’s specializing in the technical enablement of pharma, manufacturing, distribution and retail.  #solutionsproviders

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For All of Your Tech Needs

Our team believe strongly in the positive benefits of Cannabis for medicinal and adult use.  We’ve been consuming the sticky icky for decades and know exactly what your pain points are and how to solve them.

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Plant Tracking

Healthcare grade RFID solutions avoid plant contamination and provide always-on, real-time data

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Omnichannel Solutions

Give your patients and consumers the best user experience when engaging your brand


Next-Gen POS

Add a drive-thru with an exclusive activation &/or integrated POS activations

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CCTV Services

Consolodate your CCTV and access entry systems giving your security team piece of mind

We’ve been solving retail and distribution issues since 2005

Our engineering team spent decades working within the Fortune 500 technology space.  We designed, implemented and supported the most complex and efficient networks for the largest retailers, pharmaceuticals, manufacturers and logistics providers on the planet.

With a focus on security in both the physical and logical form, ACTIVATE will deploy your new network, train your staff at no added cost and support it with ease.

Your patients and adult use consumers will compliment you on your brand’s elevated success.  You will enjoy the reduced number of tech issues that have been plaguing your network FOREVER.  With less technical issues, more seed to sale knowledge and our services team backing your operations team your investors will applaud the additional profits.

Omnichannel Solutions

We customize multiple technologies to build a branded solution for your increased success.  Our marketing agency evaluates your brand and works with your marketing team to realize activations that generate a ton of organic impressions with positive brand sentiment.

Print Media Management

Our team will lower your media purchase costs, consolidate and manage your inventory.

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Quality Engineering &

Our extended team have worked at the manufacturers we have authorized partnership agreements with.  We’ve been the technical and sales leads solving problems for Fortune 500 retailers, pharmaceuticals  and logistics providers.

It’s why we chose them as partners and how we know this tech so well.  Plus, we’re really cool with a lot of the folks who work there now and have been working there.  #backsctratch




5156 W. Olive Ave 201 Glendale, AZ 85302

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