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ACTIVATE Plant Tracking

RFID plant tags for truly sterile real time traceability from any grow medium all the way through the transportation and point of sale environments without any harm to the plant. Easily trim and tag at any time with instant update of new plant or trimming identifier.  Grow metrics through IoT sensors add to cultivation insights.

Cannabis plant with advanced technology solutions provided by ACTIVATE for dispensaries, grow operations, and cultivators in Arizona

Sterile Tags

Repurposed Zebra healthcare
wristbands with RFID are sanatizable after being printed

ACTIVATE technology solutions for cannabis dispensaries and grow operations in Arizona

Integrated RFID Portals

Easily deploy in any grow, lab, warehouse, loading dock, entry way, exit point etc. etc. 

ACTIVATE's Cannabis Technology Solutions

Handheld RFID Readers and RFID-enabled Barcode Scanners

Track everything
easily in real time. Multiple styles avail. 

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Print RFID Tags Anywhere

On a mobile cart, desktop, on-person, in-vehicle, literally anywhere…reasonably.

Handheld RFID Readers

Easily scan for products from across the room.  Locate inventory faster than ever.  Always on traceability.

RFID Enabled Barcode Scanners

Whether manufacturing edibles or concentrates RFID is the right choice.

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Print Media Management

Whether printing an RFID tag for a plant in the grow or labeling medicine at the dispensary, we have the printing solutions for your operation.

We will help save you money by consolidating your media purchase, servicing your printers and managing your media inventory.

Consolidate media purchasing

Setup purchasing workflows

Assign media mgmt resources

Manage print resources

Other Services

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Omnichannel Solutions

Give your patients and consumers the best user experience when engaging your brand. We customize multiple technologies to build a branded solution for your increased success. 

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Next-Gen POS

Implement a drive-thru activation or on-brand activation @ POS.

ACTIVATE technology solutions for cannabis dispensaries and grow operations in Arizona

CCTV Services

Consolidate your CCTV and access entry systems giving your security team piece of mind.




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