ACTIVATE technology solutions for cannabis dispensaries and grow operations in Arizona

CCTV Services

You currently have 2-5 CCTV systems and it’s impossible to find an event even when you know exactly when and where it happened.  The cameras run all kinds of different cable types and colors and you don’t even know the login to one of those systems but the camera light is always on so you’re good.

ACTIVATE technology solutions for cannabis dispensaries and grow operations in Arizona

System Consolidation

Integrate all door access control and CCTV into a single easy to use system that everyone can use effectively.

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Expand Your Site Count

Grow your site count and expand with ease as the expansion continues.

ACTIVATE's Cannabis Technology Solutions

Easy Monitoring

Review, save and send events to anyone at any time from your mobile or desk.

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Motion Detection

Motion events can trigger alerts via SMS, email and voice/video calls.

Low-Maintenance Design

We’ll keep all of your camera domes and lenses clean with our extended services to all of your sites.

High Availability

We will design your system to have the highest levels of uptime possible and work within your budget to do so.

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Quality Engineering &

Our extended team have worked at the manufacturers we have authorized partnership agreements with.  We’ve been the technical and sales leads solving problems for Fortune 500 retailers, pharmaceuticals  and logistics providers. 

It’s why we chose them as partners and how we know this tech so well.  Plus, we’re really cool with a lot of the folks who work there now and have been working there.  #backsctratch

Other Services

ACTIVATE technology solutions for cannabis dispensaries and grow operations in Arizona

Omnichannel Solutions

Give your patients and consumers the best user experience when engaging your brand. We customize multiple technologies to build a branded solution for your increased success. 

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Plant Tracking

Easily trim and tag at any time with instant update of new plant or trimming identifier.

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Next-Gen POS

Elevate your consumer’s POS experience and create activations that
keep them engaged and sharing your brand’s value.




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