Geovox Security

The Advanced Vehicle Interrogation And Notification (AVIAN) System detects the presence of persons hidden in vehicles.

Penal Institutions
Military Installations
Nuclear Facilities
International Borders & Check Points
High Security Facilities

Using data from special sensors, AVIAN finds the shock wave generated by the beating heart, which couples to any surface or object with which the body is in contact. AVIAN collects the data and analyzes them using advanced signal processing algorithms to detect a hidden person in less than 1 minute.

AVIAN is a cost effective method to accurately and quickly search large or small vehicles, regardless of contents, for hidden persons which  consists of an industrial personal computer, that requires no maintenance, loaded with specially developed software, a touch-screen monitor and special sensors.

The completed search can take as little as 14 seconds after the sensors are placed on the vehicle. The system has proven to be 100% effective and reliable in detecting human presence under ideal conditions (protection from moderate to high winds is required to eliminate false positive indications).

The cost of AVIAN is less than the cost of a single corrections officer or portal security guard. It is accurate and reliable and provides the officer with the capability to rapidly search fully loaded vehicles without moving or disturbing the vehicle contents.