Extreme Networks

A Campus Network That’s Simple and Secure

Build an automated, secure, intelligent campus network with seamless on-boarding for authorized users and devices.

A Campus That’s Secure and Easier to Manage

The enterprise campus has become one of the most vexing environments in which to manage IT. You need to rapidly onboard BYOD users and Internet connected devices, quickly deploy the new digital technology that your organization requires, prevent cyber-attacks at every entry point, and do it all while delivering a consistent and personalized user experience. Extreme’s Automated Campus solution makes it all possible with simplicity, security, and intelligence that are second to none.

Extreme’s Automated Campus vs The Traditional Campus Network

  • Unified wired/wireless management
  • 11x faster service initiation
  • 7x faster repair times
  • 100% reduction in human-error outages
  • Complete application visibility
  • Separate wired/wireless management
  • Long service activation timeframes
  • Extended mean-times-to-repair
  • Prone to human-error outages
  • Limited application visibility

A Smarter Edge for a Better Experience

Extreme Smart OmniEdge solutions deliver seamless mobility and self-directed devices for happier users and more efficient IT staffs.

A Smarter Network Begins at the Edge

The network edge is where digital transformation is won or lost. It’s where your organization engages customers, where mobile transactions occur, where IoT devices connect, and where you make the first stand against cyber threats. Extreme’s Smart OmniEdge network solution provides a unified wired/wireless infrastructure for cloud or premise deployment, augmented with AI-powered applications and managed through a single pane of glass. The result? A network that delivers a consistent customer-driven experience, contains costs, and enables competitive advantage through innovation and rapid new service delivery.

Extreme’s Smart OmniEdge vs The Traditional Network Edge

  • Unified wired and wireless
  • AI/ML assisted
  • Single-pane-of-glass management
  • Auto-configured users and devices
  • Disparate wired and wireless
  • Human-only management
  • Multiple management interfaces
  • Manually configured users & devices

A Flexible Core for Enduring Business Performance

Extreme’s Agile Data Center solutions ensure your enterprise can perform today and be ready for tomorrow.

Network Agility Drives Digital Transformation

The data center is at the heart of your enterprise network and the engine that powers new applications and business capabilities. But it can be complex and challenging to adapt and scale, requiring management of a wide range of skill sets and vendors. Extreme Networks’ Agile Data Center solutions deliver the automation, visibility, and flexibility needed to make digital transformation a reality.

Extreme’s Agile Data Center vs The Traditional Data Center

  • Integrated, cross-domain automation
  • Fabric-based networks
  • Validated design, rapid deployment
  • Flexible consumption model
  • Random, disjointed automation
  • Rigid network architectures
  • Lengthy deployment models
  • Capital-intensive purchase model