Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Prices are subject to change at any time.

All registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

1.5 hours per class each day with a 15 minute break half way through each class and another 15 minute break in between classes with 1 hour for lunch.  Food is not provided, please send your student with enough food, water and snacks for the day.

By purchasing this program you agree that ACTIVATE, its subsidiaries and partners may use images and video of your student in a learning environment and while in attendance of our programs for marketing purposes.  You also agree to being interviewed with your student for marketing purposes if selected.

Every student gets a free follow-up session valid for one full calendar year so you get two sessions for the price of one.  Any student attending a session this year may take that same equal session next year at no charge as long as there is availability in that equal session and that session is taking place.

Free follow up sessions are valid for a full calendar year and if a session of equal value is not available within that time frame, ACTIVATE will make all reasonable accommodations to schedule a session without incurring additional cost to ACTIVATE, its partners or subsidiaries.  It is the customer responsibility to contact ACTIVATE and ensure management is aware of the issue until it is resolved.  If for any reason there is no equal value session available, ACTIVATE reserves the right to either upgrade or cancel the free follow up session at any time.

No personal information will be shared under any circumstances with any third-party without your written consent.

By registering for this program you absolve ACTIVATE, its subsidiaries and partners of any liability for any physical, psychological or emotional injury or harm in any form due to failure of equipment that is not manufactured or used during, before or after this program.  You also absolve ACTIVATE, its subsidiaries and partners of any liability for any physical, psychological or emotional injury or harm in any form due to the behavior or inadvertent behavior by ACTIVATE partners, personnel or third-party individuals or entities.  ACTIVATE is not responsible for the behavior of other students and will not be held liable for any issues arising from a shared learning environment or the facilities this program is held in or any third-party personnel at any time.

Any student not adhering to a proper code of conduct during any time within any program or before or after start or finish of the program may be dismissed and not permitted to attend any ACTIVATE program in the future.  Physical or verbal abuse of any kind is strictly prohibited at all times.

Students not behaving properly with any team member, contractor, staff, partner or affiliate of ACTIVATE may be permanently or temporarily dismissed from the program at any time for any duration at the sole discretion of ACTIVATE personnel.

Damage, improper use and harm to equipment will be at the expense of adult, parent or legal guardian who signed up the student for the program.  All damages caused and any necessary shipping, handling and staging or configuration fees will be due in full within two business days.  At no time will food or beverages be permitted near any equipment and any student violating this rule may be asked to step outside and miss a portion of or the entire remaining duration of that session for the day.  Repeat offenders may be dismissed if this behavior is obstructing the sessions or has cause damage to any equipment.