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RF Surveillance
RF risks extend beyond WiFi, as wireless connectivity across these mediums include Bluetooth, LTE, P25, 900MHz, and a plethora IoT protocols such as LoRa, SigFox, Z-Wave, Zigbee, and more.
Wireless Sensors Tied Back to the Cloud
Within minutes of powering on, the sensors monitor across a broad frequency range to monitor for interference, jamming, crowded frequencies, and more with DVR-like capability.
Identifying the Adversarial Device
Learning model deciphers the device and categorizes it in the system so the user can immediately determine if it’s a drone, spy camera, smart refrigerator, smart vehicle, or thermostat just to name a few.
Advanced Vehicle Interrogation And Notification System
AVIAN detects the presence of persons hidden in vehicles.
Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
Data from the shock wave generated by the beating heart is collected and analyzed using advanced signal processing algorithms to detect a hidden person in less than 1 minute.
Accurate and Reliable
Provides the corrections officer or portal security guard with the capability to rapidly search fully loaded vehicles without moving or disturbing the vehicle contents.
Smart Security and Efficiency Solutions
Access to high-definition live and recorded video from any authorized computer or mobile device, seamless integration with your access control system, smoke & fire alarms and emergency buttons to enable quick verification and/or response, automatic alerts for trespassing and perimeter breach, efficient incident investigations through quick access to relevant video, and video quality that’s valid in court, and centralized monitoring for optimal crowd and traffic control.
Key to Success
Efficient monitoring of entrances, exits, ticket stands, escape routes, stairways and food & beverage stands, high-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras to provide situational overview with high-level of detail, automatic camera tampering alarm to ensure continuous operation, quick and easy access to recorded video and vandal resistant cameras for cost-efficient operation and maintenance.
Keep fans connected with high-density Wi-Fi solutions.
Understand the mobile activities and preferences of your fans.
Deliver a personalized, value-added experience in venue.