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Public Sector

Streamlined Operations
Seamless integration with your access control system, smoke & fire alarms and emergency buttons to enable quick verification and/or response.
Meeting Your Tough Requirements
Efficient investigations through quick access to relevant video, and video quality that’s valid in court.
Real-Time Information Reduces Response Times
Threats and incidents can be detected automatically, and live video from the scene help you to verify events and prioritize your efforts. By adding speakers and lights to your network, you may even be able to deter events in progress.
Situational Awareness Lets You Respond Effectively
Using predefined protocols for specific types of incidents, your center can quickly deploy the right resources in the right places – and support them in the field by sending images and information straight to their mobile devices.
Advanced Vehicle Interrogation And Notification System
AVIAN detects the presence of persons hidden in vehicles.
Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
Data from the shock wave generated by the beating heart is collected and analyzed using advanced signal processing algorithms to detect a hidden person in less than 1 minute.
Accurate and Reliable
Provides the corrections officer or portal security guard with the capability to rapidly search fully loaded vehicles without moving or disturbing the vehicle contents.
Remove the risk and complexity of managing your security in the cloud with one place to manage your endpoint, mobile, encryption, web, email, server, and wireless security.
Unified Console
Manage security policies and administer multiple products from a single web interface hosted in the cloud, so you’ll no longer need to run or deploy a server to manage your security.
Fire Department
Remotely access blueprints and maps, gain an aerial view of the scene via drones, and keep engine companies coordinated.
Law Enforcement
Always-on connectivity in vehicles, command centers, and on-scene, is essential for law enforcement agencies to perform at their best. Secure and reliable wireless router solutions keep officers connected to the people, data, and things they rely on and ready to face whatever challenges that come their way safely and effectively.
Emergency Medical Services
When an emergency strikes, connecting with the right medical professionals at the right time is a matter of life and death for EMS teams. Whether on scene or en route, EMTs rely on fast and reliable mobile router solutions to video conference with doctors and specialists and constantly stream patient vitals to awaiting teams, all without skipping a beat.