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Business-Critical Wireless
Offer seamless guest Wi-Fi; enhance hotel operations over Wi-Fi.
Navigate to rooms, hotel restaurants, fitness centers, swimming pools; locate nearby stores and restaurants.
Proximity Messaging
Provide seamless, fast check-in upon arrival. Automatically greet loyal guests as they arrive; offer coupons and special promotions. Gamify a guest’s stay with location-aware rewards.
Help guests find the shortest check-in or other lines.
Ensure Successful Food and Beverage Operations for Better Guest Experiences
To effectively provide an optimal experience for guests, food and beverage providers need to meet stringent guidelines, label packaged foods and provide customers with mobile ordering and payment options.
Increase Staff Productivity and Improve Service
By incorporating mobile computers and smartphones, you are empowering your workers to respond efficiently and offer remarkable service at every point of contact.
Increase Staff Effectiveness and Inventory Visibility
Address guests needs efficiently and increase operational productivity by tracking goods and services throughout your operation in real time and guarantee complete visibility, whether you are in the kitchen, banquet hall or room – enabling increased productivity and revenue.
Ensure Stronger Guest Relationships with a Personalized Experience
With on-demand access card printing, mobile payment and scanning technology that connects and delivers a personalized experience that rewards and protects guests, you can quickly build brand loyalty and increase repeat visits.
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Scalable, reliable guest wireless across the property.
Network Mangement
Centralized network management with robust security.
Data analytics and location-based engagement.
Monitor your slot machines, tables, cash handling areas, corridors, entrances and exits, parking lots, and more – all while adhering to rapidly evolving regulations.
As a hotelier, you can safeguard guests and staff & improve hotel operations and staff management with an operationally discreet network video solution.
Network video solutions that are cross functional will keep an eye out for things like sweethearters and credit card fraud, as well as long lines in the restaurant and the drive through.
Primary Connect Solutions
Restaurant chains discover drastically quicker credit card transactions and improved customer satisfaction with 4G LTE wireless solutions.
Advanced Edge Routing
Centrally manage devices, network usage, firmware, and security across all locations in multiple states.
Uninterrupted Revenue
Wireless failover solutions to guarantee that credit card processing won't go down.