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Ministries and City Halls
Court Buildings and Prisons
Customs and Immigration Offices
Public Outdoor Areas
Advanced Vehicle Interrogation And Notification System
AVIAN detects the presence of persons hidden in vehicles.
Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
Data from the shock wave generated by the beating heart is collected and analyzed using advanced signal processing algorithms to detect a hidden person in less than 1 minute.
Accurate and Reliable
Provides the corrections officer or portal security guard with the capability to rapidly search fully loaded vehicles without moving or disturbing the vehicle contents.
Improve Operational Efficiency and Customer Service
Innovative technologies help agencies capture data, track assets and monitor personnel, creating more accurate inventories, improving service delivery, lowering costs and boosting efficiencies.
Gain Situational Awareness of Assets, Conditions and Warfighters
From the battlefield to the exchange/commissary, military departments can use technology solutions to track munitions and military hardware, safeguard the warfighter and operate more efficiently.
Deliver Constituent Services Smoothly and Efficiently
Citizens expect prompt and effective delivery of government services from their state and local agencies that we can support by providing the latest solutions in identity, mobility and real-time locating and tracking.
Digital Transformation
Software-driven networking solutions that are hyper-reliable and easily-managed to improve responsiveness to the needs of your citizens.
Critical Missions
Automate, manage, control, and secure your government networks, so agencies can leverage IT.
Coordinated Defense Against Advanced Attacks
Products that share threat, health, and security information in real time to offer you unparalleled and coordinated protection against most advanced attacks.
Accelerated Threat Discovery and Identification
The security intelligence shared among endpoint and firewall, encryption and server products tells you about infected users, systems, and processes, reducing response time from hours to seconds and preventing risk of infections spreading to other parts of the network.
Automated Incident Response
Automatically isolate or limit network access internally or externally to compromised endpoints within your organization and temporarily withdraw encryption keys until they are returned to a clean state.
Protection of Sensitive Data on Multiple Devices
Keep your data safe wherever it goes with unique integration of endpoint, web, email security, encryption, and network access control.