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Finance & Banking

Coordinated Defense Against Advanced Attacks
An intuitive platform that allows our best-of-breed products to share threat, system health, and security information in real time and offer you unparalleled protection at every point in your security system, including the endpoints, mobile devices, servers, network perimeter, and more.
Security for Customer-Facing Sites and Applications
Web application firewall protects your critical business apps from hacks and attacks with multiple authentication options providing access only to authorized users.
Secure Remote Connectivity
A full range of VPN technologies for secure site-to-site and remote access for each of your ATMs, but also for your branches, micro-branches, and data centers.
Phishing Email Protection
Email Appliance provides a range of email protection technologies, including file type blocking, Time-of-Click protection to block malicious URLs, and powerful next-gen cloud-sandbox technology to stop evasive threats.
Phishing Simulations and Education
A solid security awareness program is an integral part of any defense-in-depth strategy and includes education and testing of your end users through automated phishing attack simulations, quality security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics.
Evolving Bank Security
True Scalability and Integration
Add more functionality at your own pace - from encoders and cameras to proactive security measures and video intelligence.
Trustworthy Cybersecurity
Adoption of IP cameras over analog systems has provided many more network access nodes and potential system vulnerabilities causing the realization of the importance of trustworthy cybersecurity requirements and processes.
Ensure System Reliability While Maintaining Compliance
Compliance is easy with video encryption, multi-level password protection, authentication mechanisms, event-based recording, masking and more to protect information.
Wireless Network Failover for Business Continuity
In the event of an outage, our solutions automatically detect access issues with primary connections and provide 4G LTE network connectivity to avoid service interruptions.
Network Security
Secure Threat Management is a comprehensive intrusion prevention system (IPS) and intrusion detection system (IDS) that defends against evasion attacks, improves network availability and protects sensitive data.
Network Flexibility for the Branch Office
This Advanced Edge Routing solution combines WAN Diversity, advanced security, private network support, and high-performance WiFi in a platform with certified dual-modem models for primary and failover applications.
M2M for ATMs and Kiosks
Connectivity to accept credit cards in an unattended environment, and to do M2M transmissions to and from data centers that maintain critical operating information.