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Ensure Staff and Student Safety
Deter Violence and Theft
Minimize Vandalism and Costly Repairs
Easily Investigate Incidents and Identify Suspects
Unparalleled, high density campus Wi-Fi.
Management Center
Wired/wireless visibility and control from the data center to the mobile edge.
Granular visibility into network and application performance, users, locations and devices.
Reduce Network Downtime During Mission-Critical Moments
Reliable 4G LTE failover Internet connectivity.
On-The-Go Connectivity for School Buses
Ruggedized solutions for mobile learning.
Managing the Distributed Network on a Tight Budget
NetCloud Manager for remote deployment, troubleshooting, and more.
Protecting Students and Important Data
4G LTE solutions with CIPA compliant, cloud-based security services.
All-In-One Next-Gen Security Against Unknown Threats
End-to-end protection for your classrooms and labs, blocking unknown threats with a comprehensive suite of advanced protection.
High Performance and Availability for Critical Resources
Ensure a healthy balance between academic freedom for your users and security for your network and data.
Secure Personal and Research Data
Secure sensitive data like PII of students, alumni, and staff and critical research material by students, researchers, and staff from random and targeted attacks.
Safe Wireless Environments
Offer safe and reliable wireless networks to students, staff and guests who connect using mobile devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones, to foster a flexible learning environment.