LEARN IT SC101 – Security

Cybersecurity Everywhere

This course will discuss the advanced cybersecurity software and hardware available today.  Students will gain an understanding of how security is used at some of the largest companies in the world and why they choose different solutions.  We will walk through enterprise grade security platforms so students see what kind of configurations are available.  We will use software to enable and disable different types of permissions.  Students will be able to log into a firewall and edit the configuration file to permit and deny more granular traffic on a network.    How to safeguard themselves, colleagues and family with advanced security techniques.  We will also take a deeper dive into preventing social engineering.

What endpoint software is used at large companies?

What security mechanisms exist to keep my data safe where my family shops?

Why do companies use so many different products?

How do companies keep track of those products?

Why is so much information stolen at places my family shops at?

How do I reset a firewall to factory default?

Why did I need to factory default the firewall?

How do I mess with my friends by disabling YouTube on their equipment?

How do I fix my YouTube permission because my friend messed with my permissions?

Why should I block streaming media on a firewall?

How do I block streaming media on a firewall?

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