LEARN IT SC101 – Security

Best Practices to Avoid Being Hacked

This course will discuss the basics of security, how to implement best practices at work, at home and on the road.  Students will gain an understanding of how to avoid being a victim of social engineering, phishing, malware and ransomware.  We will walk through disabling location services on our devices in the room.  We will use software to run a packet capture and see our MAC addresses in the wild.  Students will be able to log into a firewall and edit the configuration file to allow and deny traffic.  Password/pin creation, storage and use in the wild.  How to safeguard themselves, colleagues and family with basic security techniques.

Staying safe on the internet.

Staying safe on social media.

Staying safe on public hotspots.

Location-based services and when to disable them.

How to REALLY disable location-based services.

How and when are my devices talking about me behind my back?

What are my devices saying about me, my colleagues and my family without my permission?

Terms and Conditions.

What security mechanisms exist to keep me safe?

Phishing threats.

Malware and ransomware, how vulnerable is everyone?

What is a firewall and will it burn my banana bread?

Who are hackers, where do they live and why are they following me?

What do hackers want?

Why do hackers hack?

How do I stop all hackers?

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