LEARN IT NW102 – Networking

The Different Types of Networks that Exist and How They Communicate

Students will learn the different types of Wide Area Networks that exist, such as MPLS & Metropolitan Ethernet.  The course will cover wireless WAN network types in detail.  We will expand on the wireless site survey, we will use other tools for wireless troubleshooting available.  Students will open up different antenna types and examine their elements.  Students will be able to log into an AP to create a wireless MESH network.  Students will also learn how to trace a packet on a wired network.

What makes the internet slow or fast?

What is a network outage?

What are the layers of an OSI model and what in the world is an OSI model?

Does the TCP/IP model have anything to do with me?

What layers do frames work on?

How do I troubleshoot communication of devices across wired and wireless networks?

What does the inside of a WLAN antenna look like?

How do I make a WAN and LAN work well together?

How do I find out where my data is being sent and received?

How are networks really secured?

How do I stay safe when using any network devices?

How do I run a throughput test?

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