LEARN IT MD102 – Mobile Devices

Mobile Computers & Industrial Tablets

This course will discuss basics of the benefits of using enterprise grade mobile devices over a basic smartphone.  How to locate specific product documentation from manufacturer resources.  Students will learn how to configure their device business use and about various business use cases.  We will walk through common changes on our devices live and having them operate on a network.  Business applications used at stores their families shop at and how Mobile Device Management helps configure 20, 200 or 20,000 devices easily.  Students will learn about RFID and the role it is playing in various vertical industries.

Mobile computer vs. smartphone

What is product documentation and where is it found?

What business applications are commonly used?

How to identify radios in my device.

What configuration setting exist on a mobile computer that do not on a smartphone?

Connecting to my device via wire.

Connecting to my device via wireless.

How do I get support for my device?

How do I keep my device secure?

What information is saved on my device?

Why are there so many more buttons on these devices?

How to customize my device.

Screenshots, pictures and videos again, yet different!

How do companies manage so many devices?

What Mobile Device Management platforms exist?

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