LEARN IT MD101 – Mobile Devices

Smart Phones & Tablets

This course will discuss basics of the two major operating systems in use today; ANDROID and iOS.  How to locate specific product documentation from manufacturer resources.  Students will learn how to configure their device for personal or business use.  We will walk through common changes on our devices live.  They will also learn how to safeguard their information, different methods of connecting to the internet and various ways to connect to other devices.  File transfers including images, videos, PDF’s, Office 365 documents and other file types.  Students will be able to backup and factory default equipment on-hand.  We will learn what a drop-sec is and carry out industrial mobile computer drop tests live.  Students will scan barcodes for everything found in the room with equipment provided.  Finally, where to get help and from who depending on point of sale or extended warranty providers.

Tablet vs. Smartphone vs. iPad vs. iPod vs. iPhone vs. Thingy

What is product documentation and where is it found?

Basic navigation through each operating system(OS).

How to identify radios in my device.

Battery life or lack of it.

Connecting to my device via wire.

Connecting to my device via wireless.

How do I get support for my device?

How do I keep my device secure?

What information is saved on my device?

How to silence my device.

How to customize my device.

Screenshots, pictures and videos, oh my!

Backing up my device.

Factory default procedure.

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