LEARN IT HW102 – Hardware

Other Hardware Used for Computing & Other Ways to Compute

This course will discuss the more detail of hardware used on every network.  Students will use prior gained knowledge to go further with the hardware they have at home, in school and at work.  The advanced features of a PC, MAC, laptop, Chromebook and MacBook will be detailed.  We will use un-common adapters and cables to connect equipment.  Students will get an opportunity to perform more advanced configurations on equipment.  Students will also learn about IoT and the role it plays in our future.

What dotted decimal and hexadecimal format?

What are un-common ports used on computers?

What are un-common adapter types?

What are un-common cables used?

What does the inside of a coaxial cable look like?

How do I make a network cable?

Where do I optimize adapters used on my computer?

What is IoT and do I owe T money, if so, how much?

Where is IoT used?

How do I configure devices that make up my home, school or work network?

Which is better, Mac OSX or Microsoft Windows?

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