LEARN IT HW101 – Hardware

Hardware Used for Computing & How to Use it Efficiently

This course will discuss the basics of hardware used on every network.  Students will gain an understanding of how to identify hardware they have at home, in school and at work.  The differences between a PC, MAC, laptop, Chromebook and MacBook will be explained and the Operating Systems that run on them.  We will use common adapters and cables to connect equipment.  Students will get an opportunity to log into equipment and initiate commands to edit the configuration file.  Students will also learn the hardware that makes up the internet and “the cloud”.

What does binary have to do with ANY of this?

What are common ports used on computers?

What are common adapter types?

What are common cables used?

What does the inside of a network cable look like?

Where do I find which ports and adapters used on my computer?

What are the different hardware devices that make up the internet?

What are the different hardware devices that make up my home, school or work network?

What are keyboard shortcuts and how do I use them?

What is the difference between Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows?

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