By the year 2035 there will be more software engineers than real estate agents.  We want to augment their knowledge now so they will have the tools necessary to understand entire network systems and not just the applications.



  • Technical Knowledge & Experience Outside of Coding and 3D Printing
  • Technology Career Paths
  • Pathways to Industry Recognized Technical Certifications
  • Hands-on Experience for Every Vertical in Tomorrow’s Marketplace
  • Establish Professional Network For Youths
  • Industry Recognized Technology Certifications
  • Professional Network Foundation
  • Professional Relationships with our Vendor Partners

We are here to ACTIVATE their knowledge with the most hands-on curriculum available.  These programs are designed to make students more sophisticated by augmenting what they have learned in their software, coding and 3D printing training.  We will make them aware of how many more career options are available within the field of Information Technology.  They are going to LEARN all about Information Technology by attending the LEARN IT programs.


Avenues of Opportunity

Hands On Learning
20 Students per Class
Gartner Leading Manufacturers
Zebra Technologies, Sophos, Extreme Networks, Cradlepoint, Mist Systems, AXIS Communications, Juniper Networks, 802 Secure, Acceltex, Acronis and more.
Enterprise Grade Equipment
Students will be working on the same equipment used within the Fortune 500 down to the Fortune 50.
Industry Recognized Technical Certifications
We will help them gain the necessary knowledge for a path to and through technical certification establishing them as industry professionals at a young age.